Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Harvest

"The Law of One series specifically indicated that this marvelous event was called "harvest." Only recently did I realize that they were directly quoting from the book of Matthew. This describes a moment in time where the wicked are literally pulled into an alternate timeline- a different reality- from everyone else. Jesus used symbolism to explain this. Humans on earth, in the spiritual sense, were compared to a field of wheat that has been planted. The seeds are the spiritual teachings that are given to us by Jesus and other great masters. These spiritual teachings, if from the positive path, invariably tell us to be more loving accepting and forgiving of others- to realize that we are all one. Humility, patience, kindness, charity, being a good listener, and believing in and supporting the innate goodness of others- regardless of who they may be- are al key aspects of these teachings. Very few people in our modern wold seem to realize that the further you go in this direction, the more likely you are to ascend and literally transform into the next level of human evolution.
However, we also have "the adversary," who plants weeds, or "tares," in the crop. These are also teachings that are made available to everyone. Our society is bursting with them. These teachings center on pursuing material things- money, power, fame, and prestige. They create, foster, and encourage narcissism, entitlement, rudeness, dominant behavior, and self-aggrandizement. Everything is built around a hierarchy. Power must not be questioned. The will of the few is imposed upon the many. We are all taught to fear "Big Brother." We know, deep inside, that seriously corrupt forces exist. We are also taught to believe they are indestructible, and our best bet is to ignore them and accept their unchanging reality in our lives. Until the rise of Internet streaming video, most people's lives were utterly dominated by corporate propaganda from watching television. We were bombarded by advertisements and taught that we had to suffer this propaganda in order to enjoy our lives. Now, all of that is changing. Each of us has the choice to focus on positive, loving material and avoid re-creating the cycles of torture and pain that has plagued us for so long."

-David Wilcock, The Synchronicity Key

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