Sunday, April 6, 2014

Foundation of Unity

This will be one of the biggest changes happening in the next few years. A greater percentage of people will begin thinking the same way all of you do, and others will be more determined to separate from that thought process. So what we must do as a collective to help build the new Earth is find all of the things that we have in common rather than what separate us. This will help build the foundation of unity. Those that live in fear, anxiety and the control paradigm will not be of the same mindset and may travel down a different path if necessary. We must let them do so rather than insisting they change, for if they need to change, they will. On our page alone, you can see the two intensities very clearly in the comments. Michael Forrester is going to introduce some of these concepts shortly, but basically everything that relies on the lower vibrational levels of fear will be cast in one direction and the vibrational levels of love will be cast in another. From there, the two vibrations will segregate and the Earth will essentially divide vibrationally as humanity continues to ascend to higher levels. At that point, humanity will have realized that all the problems on Earth are not problems at all, but can all be addressed very easily from a different level of consciousness than what created them. This is already happening and in the interim, things will get much worse and more chaotic as the separation becomes more evident. Some of the shifts may be happening in as little as the next 60 days.

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