Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oneness Must Be Established

Sunni and Shia Muslims are killing each other in several nations, most notably in Syria & Iraq, Israeli's are killing Gazans, & Western Soldiers are wiping out Russians in Ukraine. Religion is a common thread in each conflict. Years of fundamental extremism and total confusion has had its toll. All the Hebrews, Muslims, and later Christians are of the same blood....The Holy books have been changed around more than once, traditions have overstepped the purpose, and a lack of knowledge has kept many in the dark...

Abraham is the Father of three modern day Great religions- namely Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim religions, also had two wives named Sarah and Hagar [Hagar according to Judaic traditions was a concubine], as the lineage of Judaism and then subsequently Christianity is attributed to the lineage evolving from his wife Sarah, while the lineage of Medians and subsequently Muslim religion continued from his Concubine wife Hagar. So love thy neighbor as one family.

A point to be noted that Moses who delivered Hebrews from the Pharaoh’s slavery in Egypt to freedom was an Israelite from Sarah’s lineage, and was married to Tzipora [Zipporah] daughter of Reuel /Jethro, a median from the lineage of Hagar. He was as Arab as Jewish- didn't matter- it was his wise actions and open heart to Do Good that mattered.

Thus Moses who was given the Ten Commandments upon Mount Sinai is venerated as a Great Prophet of almighty and most benevolent God by all the three great religions of Modern day world. The Jewish faith says if you do not believe Moses was the hand of God, you go to hell. The Christians say if you do not believe Jesus was the son of God, you go to hell. The Muslims say if you do not believe Mohammad was the prophet of God, you go to hell. The Buddhists say if you do not eat vegetarian and accept Gautama Buddha as the enlightened master you fail. This I ask you.. Who is not in hell according to these groups?...... Oneness must be established rightfully as all are simply saying the same thing, to love and do good in the world. God is GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTION .. Not killing. Not trying to justify death. You're killing children... That's the most evil.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Ideology of the Day


To be responsible means to be response-able; to be able to respond to a situation from a place of clarity, not react from a place of resistance, out of habit or unconsciousness.
It means to be able to directly feel your own authentic first-hand response in any given situation. It means to be willing to slow down, to be present, to feel into the energies that want to move in you, without numbing them or distracting yourself.
It means having the courage to trust yourself, and let go of all second hand notions of what the 'right' response is, or the 'moral' response, or to be a slave to the 'correct' response prescribed in the holy books or by the prevailing subjective ideology of the day.
It means to meet life, naked. To stand alone. To allow the intelligence of life to move through you. To be a conduit for truth. To no longer be caught up in the battle between 'right' and 'wrong', 'God' and the 'devil', but to be deeply connected to the moment. To touch what is alive, here and now. To listen, really listen, to what the moment needs, not what the self-image wants.
To be willing to sit with uncertainty.
- Jeff Foster