Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Listen To Your Inner Voice

As we continued to steadily awaken, we discovered that our energy was in the midst of shifting from a horizontal pattern to a vertical one. On the old horizontal path we gained our knowledge second hand from teachers, books and other people's first hand experience. We believed things because others said so, and since we were so unempowered, we didn't expect to find out for ourselves.
Horizontal patterning is also the road of manipulation, control and innuendo. It can be very subtle and insidious, for nothing is out in the open or directly experienced. It is the realm of second hand rumors, wherein no one ever expresses their true feelings. Everything is layered under the ambiguity of what someone else said or did. Talk about giving away your power! Some highly skilled practitoners of the horizontal path are still among us, so watch out for them. And don't fall for it. 
Increasingly, as our awakening progresses, we have shifted our consciousness to a vertical path. This is the realm of direct experience, receiving our own guidance and knowing straight from the Source. 
This is how everything was learned back at the beginning of each earthly cycle. This is how the great visionaries, mystics, saints, plus the founders of all the major and minor religions received their Higher Truths. And the amazing thing is that it is so easily available to all of us!
Of course, there is a challenge connected with being tuned into your won direct hot line to God. And that is the issue of trusting what you receive. Learning to listen to your own inner voice and then to act upon it, beginning to live your life as an embodiment of what you know and believe. It may sound easy, but often it is not. We have been so conditioned to worry about what other people are going to think of us. How are they going to react if we speak our Truth? Well, how are you going to fully live if you don't?

-Solara, The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones

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