Thursday, May 29, 2014

Do Not Fear

Fear. The lowest and most toxic mindset. Humanity separates from nature, sees no sky, but their tele-screens, and Humanity looses higher mind to the greater illusion sounding off every day outside, on every magazine there is, the illusion has become 'real life' for many majority. Corporate life became running from the wolf. The faster you moved, the better your chances for survival. No mind was given to the world around them as mega corporations seized their communities. People willfully went out to do wrong in their obsessively routine greed. Soon as you let fear skew the mind, the vices pleasurably come along, until soon you become consumed with running in an expansive illusion rather than running your own light. Every problem is a learning experience. Rule number one- there is no frustration allowed. First do this. Embrace living with gratitude, it is an opportunity to expand —to step into abilities right within you. To do good will is to embrace the right paradigm of life. To view living this way involves a conscious change of thinking—one from fear to awareness... once this is achieved there is no fear, the darkness can be dealt with and you can shape life anyway you so need. First awareness of every state of mind, even under the most emotional of times, to have superior control, to be present and connected to the light within your human shell. Unplugging from the 'matrix' finally becomes possible. Life becomes enabled more because it’s finally for the right reason.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Embrace Our Humanness

It will help if you can acknowledge that none of us living here upon the Earth are ever given more than a fragment of the Truth. The fragment is the sum total of our great stores of knowledge. If I judged your actions upon my narrow fragment of perception, I would be as much in error as you would be if you judged me by the fragment that you posses. About the only thing that we can safely assume, is that every person, animal, plant or rock, upon this planet is doing the best that they can at any given time, with the fragment of Truth that is theirs. Of course, we could all do better, simply by being more truly ourselves.
Yet, we are all doing the best that we can, right now. Maybe, in the next instant of time, we shall do better, but let's accept one another, without judgement, and let us learn our own way. Remember, flowers in a field do not bloom all at the same time. They are not all the same color and size. Wouldn't it be boring if they were, if there was some decree that said all flowers must be exactly the same shade of pink and bloom for the same two weeks in May. Then the rest of the year would be barren. Each of us brings a unique, much needed piece that completes our puzzle of Oneness.
Naturally, there are times when we are called to serve for others as triggers and catalysts of profound change and breakthrough. This is part of what we chose to do here for each other. But even then, we must wait for the correct opening to present itself, whether we create it or not. Then we must share of our wisdom freely without anticipation of results or reward, sending our help flying forth freely on the wind, like seeds, to land where they may. 
After that, it is the other person's choice what to do with that which we have so lovingly given. Sometimes, its is a long wait before you see any change, for some seeds have a long period of germination. Others lie fallow forever. Whatever happens, your task is complete, you have freely shared of yourself; now you must let go of any expectations.

-Solara, The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones

Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Are the One

"I am the eyes of the Great Central Sun.
I come from the One.
Within my heart dwells both
Golden, winged lion and crystal deer.
To this earth came I on a Golden Beam of Light
Which was the breath of Father/Mother God.
I am here to See with Clarity,
I am here to manifest the fullness of that which I am
Until there is no more illusion between All That Is
And its mirrored reflection.
I am simply an open doorway,
Connecting the seen with the unseen.
A Golden Ray of Love from Above.
In truth, I have no form,
Only a concentration of pulsating Light
Defines my Presence.
Although I may yet appear as separate from you,
I am not.
That I exist as anything definable
Is simply an illusion,
For I reside in the formless ocean of Essence.
Together, we are the One."

-Solara, The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones