Friday, April 18, 2014

Actions Prove True Character

If there is one thing we all can learn, it is how to treat each other. Everyone has different backgrounds, lifestyles, diets, faiths, ideas, and everyone is in their own different level of consciousness. Some may battle harsh days on dark pathways. None should be judging of others. We all bleed the same color red. We are all human beings. We are born alone and die alone. What we know is what we are told and what we figure out. Have you ever realized you're heart has never lied to you and always guided you truthfully? Our planet Earth where we live gives us all which some take for granted like there's no tomorrow. No matter what toils try to throw you down in life- just breathe. Remember you are made of the same dust as the stars in the skies. All are one living on this planet, divided by years of empire and rule. Great ones with the same consciousness have incarnated in every part of the globe. They're the same... With the same message. The customs and ceremonies are all that differ and especially for the hardcore devotee. We must be mindful in our speech and wise in our words. There's no reason to allow anger to consume when there's a new idea or something different. Communication is what makes things clear and often attributed to most problems between groups. When religious zealots curse another off and threaten death for different perspectives it makes you wonder just how 'in tune' they truly are. It's easy to wear a mark and say you're this or that but actions prove your true character. Same goes for presidents and prime ministers. It's easy to do good... It's a choice. No one said you have to do this or that- its your choice as its always been. We are working together to evolve together and cease the divisions which were created long ago. I ask that you all live by thy heart and do good. This is all. All else is romanticism and politics. Be well. 

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