Thursday, May 29, 2014

Do Not Fear

Fear. The lowest and most toxic mindset. Humanity separates from nature, sees no sky, but their tele-screens, and Humanity looses higher mind to the greater illusion sounding off every day outside, on every magazine there is, the illusion has become 'real life' for many majority. Corporate life became running from the wolf. The faster you moved, the better your chances for survival. No mind was given to the world around them as mega corporations seized their communities. People willfully went out to do wrong in their obsessively routine greed. Soon as you let fear skew the mind, the vices pleasurably come along, until soon you become consumed with running in an expansive illusion rather than running your own light. Every problem is a learning experience. Rule number one- there is no frustration allowed. First do this. Embrace living with gratitude, it is an opportunity to expand —to step into abilities right within you. To do good will is to embrace the right paradigm of life. To view living this way involves a conscious change of thinking—one from fear to awareness... once this is achieved there is no fear, the darkness can be dealt with and you can shape life anyway you so need. First awareness of every state of mind, even under the most emotional of times, to have superior control, to be present and connected to the light within your human shell. Unplugging from the 'matrix' finally becomes possible. Life becomes enabled more because it’s finally for the right reason.

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