Sunday, March 30, 2014

World Wide Wave of Action

Our story is one of awakening. 

The future has come with concrete cities wired together, with so many living lives on computer screens. Humanity, in the modern age, has lost it's connection to the stars, the dirt, and even thy own mind. Reason is not taught, only obedience. Wisdom is not given, only to a few. It is becoming very obvious that it is not just one thing wrong with our systems of living which continue to oppress billions while offering no real community of life in return ever. Greed has consumed globally, wars have continued, ignorance and hate have been bred. ...But we are amidst an awakening. People are saying, we want justice, we want peace. So many friends and family suffer and die slave waged jobs, so many eat cheaply with no idea of the toxic nutrition received... so many never fully rise. Culture is not made from TV. People coming together around a circle, sharing ideas, doing actions together to be bold and do something different- does. The artists and the visionaries out there are pulled into drugs and drinking, but those strong and pure continue to live by thy heart, thy instinct, still using awareness and mindfulness upon each step of life... those people are growing in all walks of life... A spiritual Renaissance is booming, as our cities are dead concrete producing tons of CO2 pollutions, totally removed from Earth, Water, and Vitality... People used to live in tribes or communities where they would work the lands together, become self sustainable together, sow the dirts and heal those ill organically. Nature is what brings life. Without the trees we don't breathe. Without water there is no skies. Bring balance in nature. Transform your communities. Innovations exist. New ways are possible. All can be much much more.

April 4th is a World Wide Wave of Action. Go to it. Spread it to everyone you know. Show the world the AWAKENING is alive and true. Spread it and educated all. You are the Renaissance…..

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