Wednesday, March 5, 2014


On a soul level, we all know this selfish choice is exactly what we want to avoid; we've been trying to steer ourselves into making more loving decisions at key crisis points for many lifetimes. If we let the nemesis win, we will keep reincarnating over and over again and keep repeating the same lessons- both personally and collectively. We are well aware that the nemesis is within us, but by transcending those personal weaknesses and learning to accept and protect ourselves and others, we finally achieve the great victory that cycle after cycle of human lives are meant to teach us. As the hero finally gains the courage to confront the nemesis, he or she will be healed through the struggle. This phenomenon is also happening on a global level. As we move through and release the Sheep Effect, we are moving out of a global childhood and into a true global adulthood, stepping into genuine spiritual maturity for the first time.

-David Wilcock, The Synchronicity Key

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