Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tumbling Into the Heart

Spiritual teachers argue over 
whether or not there is a self, 
and debate the illusion of free will. 
Spiritual seekers argue over 
whether or not their teachers speak the truth. 
Believers try to prove their beliefs.
Atheists try to disprove the beliefs of believers.
Lovers try to prove their love to each other.
Dreamers try to hold their dreams.

We cling to the holy books for dear life.
We worship at the altar of concepts.

When will we wake up from our mass hypnosis,
our obsession with right and wrong, good and bad,
our fixation with words and their polar opposites,
and fall in love
with what is vibrantly alive
in ourselves and each other.

Let us meet in the world before words,
nothing to prove, nothing to defend.
Only life, naked and raw, electric.
Arms wide open
to what is, and what can be.

Self or no self,
God or no God,
the aware awareness awaring the consciously present witness of subjectively objective subjective Beingness prior to the emergence of ....

Ah, fuck it.

Finally awake to this living moment.
Out of the head.
Tumbling into the heart.

All the words crumble.

- Jeff Foster

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