Monday, July 21, 2014

Ideology of the Day


To be responsible means to be response-able; to be able to respond to a situation from a place of clarity, not react from a place of resistance, out of habit or unconsciousness.
It means to be able to directly feel your own authentic first-hand response in any given situation. It means to be willing to slow down, to be present, to feel into the energies that want to move in you, without numbing them or distracting yourself.
It means having the courage to trust yourself, and let go of all second hand notions of what the 'right' response is, or the 'moral' response, or to be a slave to the 'correct' response prescribed in the holy books or by the prevailing subjective ideology of the day.
It means to meet life, naked. To stand alone. To allow the intelligence of life to move through you. To be a conduit for truth. To no longer be caught up in the battle between 'right' and 'wrong', 'God' and the 'devil', but to be deeply connected to the moment. To touch what is alive, here and now. To listen, really listen, to what the moment needs, not what the self-image wants.
To be willing to sit with uncertainty.
- Jeff Foster

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