Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Why can't we all just get along? This question often daunts me. The ideology behind it is so simple but the reality of it is most see it as "impossible." How sad is it that most people see World Peace as imaginary? In a world that is so "advanced" why is it so difficult to coexist with each other? It is simple to see that we are destroying this world we ALL live in. For what, to gain power? To control natural resources? For wealth? What do all these things mean when we are so scarce of our natural resources that money can't buy you food? Nothing. What power does a man with a million pieces of two by six paper marked one-hundred truly have? As of right now, all the power. The power to control what we eat, what we drink, what products we use, what's considered news, what PLANTS are drugs, what we can or can't do, what we "know" as FACTS. Anything else? The truth, sometimes the "truth" can be an elaborate lie passed down for centuries or more. To me the truth is what I perceive. I see a world full of humans trying to survive and killing the Earth in doing so which will eventually lead to their own demise. Such a paradox, isn't it? I also see a world full of hope. I see a millions of humans removing the blindfolds keeping them from seeing that we are all here together, we are all one and that together we can help the Earth survive and save humanity! We can rebuild a home for all of us to live harmoniously in! I CAN see millions waking up and standing up for WORLD PEACE and seeing it as a feasible goal! This place doesn't have to be the hell that we've created, it can be the heaven it was supposed to be.

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